a_9da7a01aThe history started in 2006 from the initiative of 2 people (Sergey Kulikov and Anna Buturova) which wanted to share BEST spirit with other Bauman students, organize events, invite international students to Moscow and just have fun together. For now we are one of fourth Russian local groups (two in Yekaterinburg and one in St.-Petersburg) and still the only one Local BEST Group presented in Moscow. We are constantly growing student organization. Nowadays LBG Moscow is more than 38 observers, 71 active members and already 67 alumnies. And we definitely are not going to stop on that!

The first international event we participated in was international cultural exchange with Ecole Centrale Paris fall 2006/spring 2007. The next one was BEST North-East Regional Meeting the same spring. So that spring 2007 we received Baby Member Group status at General Assembly, France.

Winter 2007 was time for our first international educational course ‘LASER: Light And Snow Entertaining Researches’.

Fall 2008 we organize the first BEST Engineering Competitions now known as EBEC Moscow. They were the biggest engineering competitions in our university for that time with 88 participants which worked 6 hours to solve problem sets we prepared for them.


The first Spring Educational Courses was organized in the end of April 2009. Since that time it is our tradition to welcome international students for 2 weeks in the middle of spring to familiar them with technologies, show national traditions, capital and share our amazing BEST Moscow spirit.

Since Lviv President Meeting fall 2009 our group has BEST Full Member status.

For the whole period of our activities we held 2 North-East (a.k.a. Jamaica) Regional Meetings, 6 International Educational Courses, 6 Moscow and one Baltic Regional European BEST Engineering Competitions, bunch of company presentations and training sessions for Bauman MSTU students.